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  • A Champlevé & Gilt-Bronze Clock Garniture (Set of 3 Pieces). Paris, circa 1880. The clock with Roman numeral dial above a glazed panel enclosing a stylized dark and light blue and white enamel foliate design, surmounted by a covered urn and flanked by putti upholding torches, on a shaped rectangular base and toupee feet. The clock dial is signed, E. Henry Paris; flanked by a pair of covered urn of ovoid form with handles in the form of Elizabethan maiden’s heads, on square bases and disc feet, the movement stamped 24568, striking on a bell. Clock Height: 18 ½ inches Vase Height (2): 11 inches SSP2999-353 AC43989 F-376
  • An English Egyptian Revival Gilt-Bronze and Porcelain Clock Garniture, by Miller & Sons, London. Circa 1851. Comprising a clock and a pair of three-light candelabra; the clock surmounted by an urn, the triangular case centered to the front by a circular dial inscribed Miller & Sons London, flanked to each side by a seated lion, each with a pharaoh’s, on a rectangular base, on four scroll feet, each headed by a lion mask; the candelabra en suite. Height of Clock: 19 inches Height of Candelabra: 23 inches CL100102-376 AC40000 F-1168
  • A French Ormolu and Gilt-Bronze Clock Garniture. Sevres-style painted dial with classic scene signed HUDESINE/ de Bronzes /RUE TURENNE 64 Paris Clock Dimensions: Height 17 ½ inches, Width 12 ¾ inches, and 6 ½ inches deep. Candelabra Dimensions: Height: 17 ½ inches, with 5 lights. F-147
  • A Louis XVI Style Ormolu and Sevres Style Porcelain-Mounted Mantel Clock, circa 1880-1890. The Urn surmount with a framed portrait of a beauty flanked by swags, the architectural case with arched pediment set with a trellis and a flower-painted panel, the enamel dial inscribed, Gleizes / A Paris / Place Vendome N3, with twin-train movement, flanked by two-further portraits, above a frieze emblematic of fleeting Love, the rounded sides each with a trellis and flower plaque, on a shaped paneled plinth and toupie feet. Height: 19 ½ inches. CN042402-413 AC15296 F-992
  • A French Gilt-Bronze Clock Garniture. By Cotlin, Paris, Circa 1880. Comprising a mantel clock and a pair of ten-light candelabra; the clock surmounted by an urn with four monopodiae feet, the circular white enamel dial inscribed R. Cotlin Paris, the movement inscribed to the reverse RC and numbered 116, flanked to the sides by scrolling mounts, on acanthus feet; the candelabra en suite. Clock Dimensions: Height of 29 ½ inches, Width of 17 ¾ inches, and 9 inches deep. F-1170
  • Louis XVI Style Ormolu Three-Piece Clock Garniture, 19th Century. The architectural clock case surmounted by a Grecian urn and set with a circular dial with enameled Roman chapters &twin-barrel movement, inscribed F16A/F.Gautier & J.Albinet/Rue D’Abo – NO. 3, flanked by volutes, on a breakfront base with toupee feet, the candelabra each with a tapering pedestal upright issuing the five scrolled candelabra arms& flambeau finial. Height of Clock: 16 ½ inches Height of Candelabra: 20 ½ inches CN101702-6 AC11950 F-1213
  • Mantel Clock with Soldier Figure. Height: 22 inches Width: 17 inches Depth: 6 ¾ inches AC16000 F-1537
  • A Restored Ormolu Mantel Clock, Second Quarter 19th Century. The circular dial is with Roman numeral characters. Signed, “Le Roy hr. du Roi Palais Royal a Paris.” Height: 12 ¼ inches. CMR1496-2-17 AC6440
  • A Gilt Bronze and Porcelain Mantel Clock, circa 1860. The white enamel dial signed RAINGO Fres A PARIS, the movement with bell strike, the case with matt and burnished gilding possibly by Henri Picard, not stamped SO 102802-198 AC29600 F-1247
  • A Clock Set with a Pair of Three-Light Candelabra. Height of Clock: 18 inches Height of Candelabra: 17 ¾ inches AC40000 F-1119
  • A French Ormolu and Champlevé Enamel Garniture with a pair of Four-Light Candelabra AC14000 F-32
  • Nineteenth Century Sevres-Style Turquoise Clock. Dimensions: Height 29 inches, Width 19 inches, and 11 inches deep. F-1104