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  • Unknown Artist 19th Century “Outdoor Scene”
  • Unknown Artist 19th Century “A Gathering” 15 x 19 in.
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    Alfred Vickers (British, 1786-1868) "On the Medway" Oil on canvas A beautiful horizontal scape of the shore with sailboats dispursed in the water, and two figures on the shore. Delicately painted clouds above, and a blend of colours that meet the horizon. Frame contains plaque of Title, Artist name, and descent.
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    Benjamin Rutherford Fitz Shopkeeper Signed and Dated 1888 Oil on Canvas 29 x 36 in. Sotheby’s LA 10-5-81, Lot# 161
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    Alfred Edward Chalon (British,1780-1860) ‘A Family Portrait’ Oil on canvas 50 3/8
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    Seymour Joseph Guy (1824 –1910) Portrait of a Lady Oil on Canvas 18 x 23 in. Seymour Joseph Guy (1824–1910), was an American romance painter. He was born and trained in London but moved to New York City where he is known for genre works. He trained for four years with the portrait painter Ambrosini Jerôme and married the daughter of an engraver, Anna Maria Barber, before his move to New York in 1854. He was a member of the Sketch club and became friends with John George Brown, and they both began to paint genre works of children, probably inspired by their own, as Guy eventually had nine. He died at his home in New York on December 10, 1910.
  • Artist Unknown Portrait of a Man 20" x 16" Oil on board
  • Artist Unknown, 19th Century Lady in Nature 19¼ x 24 in. Frame with Plate of Artist and Title, but hard to decipher.
  • J. Fleming, circa 18 ‘Scottish Seascape' Plaque on fra Oil on wo 14¾ x 20 John Fleming (1792-1845) was a Scottish landscape painter who lived and worked in Greenock. He is best known for the series of views he painted for Swan's Lakes of Scotland, published at Glasgow in 1834.  Fleming was born in about 1792, and apprenticed to a housepainter at the age of fourteen. He is thought to have had some contact with the portrait painter James Saxon before spending some time in London, where he worked as a housepainter and took the opportunity to the study paintings in galleries there. As a landscapist, Fleming specialized in small paintings of Scottish scenery, which became widely known through a series of collaborations with the Glasgow engraver and publisher Joseph Swan. He first worked with Swan in 1828 on a publication entitled Select Views of Glasgow and its environs, to which the Glasgow artist John Knox also contributed. Fleming and Swan followed this with Select Views on the Clyde (1830) and Select Views of the Lakes of Scotland (1834). The last of these, consisting of a total of 48 plates, issued in 16 parts, proved popular enough to justify the publication of further editions in 1836 and 1839.
  • Dog Painting Portrait of a Dog Artist Unknown 10½ x 12 in.
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    “Forest Scene”

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    Artist Unknown Forest Scene Oil 27 ¼ x 36 ¼ in.
  • Artist Unknown, 19th Century Figure and Animals Scene