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  • A Louis XVI Style Ormolu and White Marble Mantel Clock, circa 1880. The enameled dial with twin-train movement, within a square marble case surmounted by Cupid and flanked by Venus and a cherub, above a relief-inset marble plinth and toupee feet, on a marble base. Height: 19 inches Width: 19 ½ inches A pair of Louis XVI style ormolu and white marble figural six-light candelabra. Late 19th century. Each modeled as aputto supporting a floral-garlanded vase issuing acanthus-sheathed scrolled branches, on laurel-cast base, shaped plinth and tapering foliate-cast feet, now mounted as lamps. 26 ¾ in. (67.8cm) high, excluding fitting. CEMAR2701-100 AC15040 F-760 Candelabra: CEMAR2701-124 AC11280 F-763
  • CLOCK (F-785): A Louis XVI Style Ormolu-mounted Carrara Marble Mantel Clock, circa 1890. The circular enamel dial surmounted by a cloud borne Cupid, on rectangular pedestal flanked by classically-draped caryatids issuing scrolling and fruiting foliage, above a shaped rectangular plinth mounted with -urn en flambeau finials supported on triple ram’s head monopodiae and inset to the front with a cockerel, on toupie feet, the dial inscribed […]/240 RUE RIVOLI/A PARIS 21 ¼ inches Candelabra: A Pair of Gilt-Bronze and Onyx Candelabra. Each base has malachite square on the front and Putto holding a Five-Light branch stem. Height: 23 inches. (AC10000) CNYAPR2401-121 AC19740 F-785 / F-64
  • A Napoleon III Ormolu- Mounted Carrara Marble Figural Mantel Clock, circa 1870. Modeled as scantily-clad baccante standing beside an ormolu ewer on a rectangular plinth, centered with an enameled dial inscribed […]/a Paris, the twin-train movement by JapyFreres, the movement door engraved to the reverse Repaired by/Blaine Jewelers/Newport R.I. / 9-29-54/11-1-61/9-13-77, on rectangular naturalistic base and bleu turquin marble plinth. Height: 25 inches CNYAPR2401-169 AC17000 F-798
  • A Gilt Bronze and Marble Mantel Clock, French, circa 1850. Twelve-Piece Enamel Cartouche Dial (4 ½in.), bell striking movement with early spring suspension, the case surmounted by a flower urn flanked by two recumbent putti and raised on an elaborate break front plinth inset with marble panels applied with gilt mounts. This lot was hired for the filming of: Live and Let Die (1973) Restoration (1995) Height: 17 ¼ inches. SLMAR1302-412 AC10400 F-941
  • A Louis XVI Style Ormolu and Malachite-Veneered Mantel Clock. The Ormolu circa 1880, the Malachite 20th Century. The drum-shaped case with musical instrument and floral garland surmount, the enameled dial flanked by ribbon-tied laurel branches, the twin-train movement stamped VINCENTI & CIE/ MEDAILLE D’ARGENT/1855, with Apollo mask and sunburst pendulum, resting on a pair of drapery-covered and tasseled poles supported below by a pair of putti, on oblong base inset with floral chains, on leaf-cast toupie feet. 23 ½ in. (59.6 cm) high; 13 ¾ in. (35 cm) wide; 7 in. (17.7 cm) deep. CNYAPR2401-258 AC23500 F-790
  • A Napoleon III Gilt Metal Porcelain Mounted Sculptural Mantel Clock, circa 1860. Polychrome porcelain dial with Roman numerals, gilt hands, putto in the center and a courting couple below, movement with anchor escapement, count wheel striking on a bell, the gilt metal case topped by two putti, flanked by scrolls with fruit and flowers, breakfront base with two oval porcelain plaques with musical instruments and a rectangular plaque with flowers and birds raised on turned feet, imperfections, pendulum missing. Height of Clock: ~19 inches. Candelabra: A Pair of French ormolu and Porcelain Four-Light Candelabra, Late 19th Century. Each arched plinth set with turquoise-ground plaques painted with flowers, figure and landscapes, surmounted by an urn issuing a central stem and four candle arms. Height: 16 inches. Sam 022003-1210 F-1458/F-1357
  • A Pair of Gilt and Patinated Bronze 3-light candelabra, late 19th Century. Each putto supporting foliate branches. Height: 22 inches. Clock: Jean-Francois & Guillaume Deniere Fl. 1820-1901 A Louis XVI-Style Gilt and Patinated Bronze Clock. Paris, circa 1880. The Dial is inscribed with DENIERE/Ft de Bronzes/Paris and numbered 315. Bronze and Marble. Height: 16 ½ inches. SMR0696-1-19 AC13800 F-42
  • A French Gilt-Bronze Clock Garniture. By Cotlin, Paris, Circa 1880. Comprising a mantel clock and a pair of ten-light candelabra; the clock surmounted by an urn with four monopodiae feet, the circular white enamel dial inscribed R. Cotlin Paris, the movement inscribed to the reverse RC and numbered 116, flanked to the sides by scrolling mounts, on acanthus feet; the candelabra en suite. Clock Dimensions: Height of 29 ½ inches, Width of 17 ¾ inches, and 9 inches deep. F-1170
  • Antique Three-Piece Bronze Clock Set. Two Bronze Candelabras have eight arms, with a bird centrally located, eating a snake (on its top), and a woman without arms as a base. Clock bears three semi-nude bronze women. Clock Dimensions: Height: 37 inches Width: 14 inches Diameter: 13 ½ inches Candelabra Dimensions: Height: 38 inches Width: 11 ½ inches Diameter: 11 ½ inches FurnFiner 07/30/2003 AC42000 F-1510
  • Clock Set in Louis XVI Ormolu and Sevres Porcelain-Mounted Style with Roman numeral dial, with four-light candelabra.
  • A Louis XVI Style Ormolu and Sevres Style Porcelain-Mounted Mantel Clock, circa 1880-1890. The Urn surmount with a framed portrait of a beauty flanked by swags, the architectural case with arched pediment set with a trellis and a flower-painted panel, the enamel dial inscribed, Gleizes / A Paris / Place Vendome N3, with twin-train movement, flanked by two-further portraits, above a frieze emblematic of fleeting Love, the rounded sides each with a trellis and flower plaque, on a shaped paneled plinth and toupie feet. Height: 19 ½ inches. CN042402-413 AC15296 F-992
  • Louis XVI Style Ormolu Three-Piece Clock Garniture, 19th Century. The architectural clock case surmounted by a Grecian urn and set with a circular dial with enameled Roman chapters &twin-barrel movement, inscribed F16A/F.Gautier & J.Albinet/Rue D’Abo – NO. 3, flanked by volutes, on a breakfront base with toupee feet, the candelabra each with a tapering pedestal upright issuing the five scrolled candelabra arms& flambeau finial. Height of Clock: 16 ½ inches Height of Candelabra: 20 ½ inches CN101702-6 AC11950 F-1213